We are divided.  It was supposed to be “One Nation, Indivisible”.  But we are divided.
One side cannot tolerate the other side winning. They cannot tolerate not being in power. They must win at all costs.
Observe South Dakota. Voters put in place a law to enact campaign finance reform. The Republican controlled state government declares an emergency rather than let this law go into effect. They can’t stand the voters to ‘win’. And they don’t want to lose.
Observe the Senate. President Obama nominates a Supreme Court Judge candidate and the Republians refuse to hold a hearing. Now they are waving ethics reviews and almost abolished the ethics committee to get this cabinet in place. And they refuse to start investigations on Russia’s actions and other oddities in the last election. Because they won.
So anything is ok if Republicans win and nothing is ok if it means they don’t win.
This is win-lose. And ultimate this leads to authoritarian rule or a lose-lose end.
Democracy is about win-win – which leads to compromise and dialogue to find shared values and objectives. It is inclusive and messy.
But this new Republican tea-infused party is only about winning at all costs. They now suggest alternative facts – required for their story of how things are.
This is what we are resisting.
And it is American to do so. And it is Un-American not to.
If you have to make up a ‘patriot’ day it is because what you are doing is not patriotic at all. Because it doesn’t need a day.
And the only American Carnage we face is the one that will result from the tea-infused Republican party willing to take any action to remain in total control / power.
But there are more that want what we had – a Democracy. A messy, diverse, challenging and complex Democracy.
And that ‘many’ is willing to act. That is what the Women’s March was – not a protest but a declaration of independence. we, the people, spoke and showed up and are calling.
Did you know the switchboards were jammed and voice mail boxes were full from the calls to representatives and senators?
The action from the White House? Take out the comment process. Look for this to extend to the House and the Senate.
For the one thing that this new tea-infused Republican party seems to be against the most is “We, the People”
That is why the counts at events and votes matter so much.
They refuse to admit they are not the majority – they are not representing ‘We, the People’ as their oath requires.
We are not against Republicans and are not for Democrats – we are for the principles of equality for ALL that this country was founded on. And it is past time to get it right.
It doesn’t have to take 2 years for the next federal election. It could happen in a day if a handful of Republicans in the Congress and Senate decide to act as true Patriots instead of Party Loyalists and step away from the tea-infused party and become Independents. They agree to caucus with the Democrats and control of Congress changes.
And we can stop the carnage that is planned
Or they can stay loyal to the party of the few, the powerful, the one that has to win.
We, the people, are not backing down.

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