I notice the intensity of the comments that you get when you post things that do not support Trump.

I notice the quiet reports of death threats to anyone who challenges Trump in a visible way.

And I remember those that talked about taking to the streets with guns if the election didn’t result in a win for ‘their guy’.

We hear talks about an increase in hate crimes since the election.  But I couldn’t find any trustwothy facts to confirm this.

It is almost like no one cares – no one is counting.

We have observed the change in tone in the Administration to favor those with White Nationalist and Fascist histories.

The terrorist threat I fear most doesn’t come from those who follow Islam – but those that claim to be Christian.

Just like the ‘Radical Islam terrorists’, these people no more represent the teachings of Jesus and Christianity than ISIS and others represent the teaching of Islam.

But there are rumors that this Administration will move away from watching and monitoring the actions of the White Nationalist / Hate groups.  And if they are true, we are at real risk.

We have had numerous real terrorist acts in this country by ‘Radical Christian Extremists’.   Yet that label didn’t appear….  instead we focused on each as individual acts with no real connection.

But there is a growing movement – now made to feel safe and normal by the current Administration.  And that is the movement that I am concerned about.  It is fueled by fear.

How about you?  Does the talk of death threats to Trump critics concern you?  Or do you hold the attitude ‘You lost – get over it’


The Terror Attacks Trump Won’t Talk About

White Nationalists on Twitter

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