Trump came in 3rd -with people who did NOT vote being 1st and Hillary voters being 2nd.

Republican gerrymandered many districts to be ‘safe’ where the only worry was being primaried out by more right facing candidates.

Citizens United confused them more – corporations aren’t people; money isn’t speech.

And with the Presidential ‘win’, Republicans are governing like they have a majority behind them because they have the corporations and the money from the powerful – and that is who they have been representing.

But ‘We, the People’ are pissed.

Most don’t want the things that are being put into law or put in place by Executive Whim [disguised as Orders].

And the more than two-thirds that did NOT support this set of policies, that care about rights, that care about the environment, that care about inequality, that care about getting money out of politics are trying to let government leaders know that this is not what they voted for.  Because it isn’t.

Corporations aren’t people and they don’t vote. And when you hang around the corporate lobbyists and wealthy donors too much because you need their money and you like the power it provides, you forgot who you actually are supposed to work for – We, the People.

In frustration, they are taking to the street.  They are calling their representatives.  They are not being listened to.  So they are getting mad and getting frustrated.

They are demanding that Congress do its job and defend the Constitution instead of their agenda and their party.  Because MOST of us didn’t back them – they just didn’t like the options and were blind to the policies of the Republicans that would go in place if the President were a Republican.  And since the candidate is a con man, they believed he would be different and get Congress to listen.  And they were wrong.

People do not like to feel they are wrong.  They don’t want to admit it.

During this campaign, the excitement was for an Independent candidate running as a democrat.  He convinced the successful candidate to adopt his platform – very progressive.  That candidate didn’t win and the Senate and House stayed Republican.

The protestors are the people who always held those progressive beliefs about basic fundamental rights and that government ought to work for the People and not Corporations or Money.

And they won’t go away.

And they shouldn’t  – because there are more of them.   He came in 3rd.

Those that did NOT vote are mostly more progressive but didn’t like Clinton.

Many that say they don’t like the ACA, want a Public Option not repeal.

And now they want a Congress with ethics and oversight – so I would start there. Act like it matters.  Act like you are ok if you find out that Russian Influence DID make a difference – that the Russians attacked us from within and their attacks worked.  And then figure out what you are going to do when you learn that is true so you are willing to start the Independent investigation that is required.  And follow that with an independent investigation into the FBI actions.  And follow that with an independent investigation into the impacts on voting starting with the states where the outcome was other than predicted.

He came in 3rd – and you are making the people angry.

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