Think about it.

What if you were given enough money every year to cover your survival needs so you could live modestly.  You would have a safe place to live, enough safe water to drink, enough healthy food to eat, enough clothes to stay warm.  You would have access to health care and not have to worry about how much it costs.

You don’t have to work to get money to survive – so what would you do?

What is the role of work for you in your life?

Do you believe – as many do – that people who don’t work are lazy?  But what if they don’t have to work, are they still lazy?

For you , what do you need to be doing to make you feel like you are fulfilling your purposes for being here?

As we embrace the world that technology makes possible, including one that could end poverty if we decide that we should, how do you think about what it means to ‘work’?

If you suddenly did not need to work anymore, would you?  And if you didn’t, what would you be doing each day?  Have you thought about it?

What if there were places where you could go to collaborate with others on inventing something new or researching something to enhance our understanding or just to learn something new? Would that be your preference?

And if someone else decided to spend their days writing or painting, would you think less of them?

Notice – I didn’t mention how you would have your basic needs covered.

Would it matter to  you how you received your basic income?

Because we are headed to a place where we simply don’t need all the people we have in order to produce enough basics to end poverty for everyone on the planet.

What if we produce a world where everyone starts with enough.  They can choose how they spend their time – what contributions they choose to make.

What if….?


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