Situation – you are deeply in debt. You have to routinely stop and figure out how to pay the bills for things you have already purchased.
And you decide that the best thing you can do is to take a job that pays much less than you are currently making.
See you work several jobs. And there is one that pays he best and has never sent you a paycheck that bounces. That is the one you are thinking of leaving for a job that pays a lot less and where the hours are uncertain and the company has a reputation of not always paying their workers.
Would you take the lower paying job to help your economic situation/
Well that is EXACTLY what this administration is asking you to do for the economics of the country.
The complain about the debt. This week, they have to raise the debt ceiling to pay the bills on commitments from things they already agreed to pay.
And yet the priority for the ACA is to get rid of the tax that has the top 1% pay into Medicare [they didn’t have to before and clearly they can afford this without inconveniencing anyone’s lifestyle or reducing consumer demand]
And for tax ‘reform’ they want to drop the tax on corporations – including the profitable ones who already know how to pay zero taxes [think of that as the employer who bounces paychecks].
And they want to drop the tax rate on the top 1% including setting the estate tax to zero. Great for the top 1% but they won’t do anything with those savings other than get richer.
And you? Well the debt is still there. And with less income to pay for the things they already promised to pay for, all our country can do is to renegotiate its promises.
Which means –
you will have your Social Security reduced
you will pay more for Medicare and health care
you will pay more in fees
you will have your state taxes increase to fill the gap
[they will receive less from the Federal Gov.]
And this will be sold as ‘reform’ and good for all or for the economy.
and it won’t be…. really it won’t.
pay attention – the powerful have bought this country.
foreign governments can drop money with our president and his family and you won’t know – and you can already see the benefits. [remember those sanctions Exxon wants removed that benefit Russia]?
they want you to believe that reducing your federal taxes a little is helping you
but that doesn’t help if you lose Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ACA, National Parks, etc. AND you state taxes and local taxes and other fees go up to fill in the gap
if you were in debt, you would look to INCREASE your income not cut it. So why should the top 1% pay in less right now?
They already have had their wealth increase more by the economy of the last few decades – more than any other group. If them doing well was going to produce jobs or fix anything it would have already done it.

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