Is there a correlation between the % of Americans that remained convinced that Obama wasn’t a real American [also known as Birtherism] and the % of Americans that remain supportive of Trump’s actions no matter what?

If there is, then we are confronted with the real divide in our country.

This would mean that about 30% or 3 in ten Americans are white nationalists or supremacists.  Tough?  Well explain any other position that has people continue to question if the only non-white president is legitimate.

And if that statistic is true, then 70% of the country SHOULD be against that other 30% – if we really uphold the American ideals that we were founded on and believe it is long past when we need to accept that humans are all human – regardless of appearance, beliefs or preferences.

And that would mean that we accept that humans are social creatures who are better together than on our own.  We are not meant to – and can’t  survive without help.

If you read between the lines, perhaps the real backing for repealing ‘Obamacare’ could have nothing to do with the government programs that make access to care possible but has to do with obliterating everything done by the accident where America elected a non-white leader – which could not have been legitimate because, well, he wasn’t white.

But the rest of us – the ones that voted for ‘not-Trump’ – are in the majority.  And we want universal health care or at least a way where those without don’t have to chose between rent / food or health care.  Because nothing about that is pro-life.

If you start from a common value that has health care for all as a right, there are fixes for the issues with the current programs.

And one way out is to repeal ‘Obamacare’ and replace it with an identical bill called ‘Trumpcare’ or ‘Ryancare’ or ‘McConnellcare’ or ‘[insert any white man’s name]care’ and then move on to fix the problems.  And continue to falsely claim that Obama was the root of all evil and Obamacare was failling and had to be removed.

But what 30% really want to do is not erase the reality that the US elected a black man as president.

And I am not ready to allow that point of view to win.

Because if we allow that to win, we say that only white guys can rule.  And somehow that means it is ok to make women and non-whites lesser.  And that isn’t equality for all.  It isn’t justice for all.  It isn’t the values we pretend to hold dear.

So we protest for health care for all – and we refuse to give in or ‘work together’ [when it means let our bigoted ways win].

And we will persist.

And if you want to repeal Obamacare, explain why people shouldn’t have access to health care unless they have a lot of money – because a really for-profit system would have life saving drugs cost millions to maximize profit.  And caring for those who might not pay just isn’t good business.

Because ‘Obamacare’ is the dog whistle name given to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that expanded access to health care.  And nothing about repeal protects patients or makes care affordable.

It just allows some people to feel good that they did something to take away an accomplishment from our 1st black president.

Or allows those who often claim to be pro-life make how much money you have a condition of getting access to life-saving care.


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