The president of the US doesn’t have a problem with managing what he says – he is a problem because of what he believes and supports and endorses.

Teleprompter president is an act and a distraction. The man behind the curtain has shown his true positions – and the party that tolerates him for power has shown their loyalties.

He just pardoned someone who defied the courts to discriminate based on race as a fine person doing their job.  He thinks nazi protestors are fine men.

People who hold these beliefs are not mentally ill – they merely hold abhorrent beliefs that should have no place in America as acceptable.

The time for denial and wishful thinking has ended.

Now each citizen must decide if they will choose to follow, tolerate or resist.

To follow is to embrace the notion that not all humans are equal – at a fundamental level not based on personal behaviors. This is the space where slavery is a choice, where civil rights and women’s rights and LGBT rights are conditional. Where the freedom to choose is constrained by the choices of others – because those others are more worthy.

To tolerate is to accept the above as a price worth paying for individual gain.

To resist is to reject that notion – and to refuse to support or endorse those that do.

There is no middle ground.

Wherever we push to ‘state’s rights’ is where the rights of humans are optional as a country. So much for that ‘liberty and justice for all’.

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