The government doesn’t force you to buy health insurance – being human does. Otherwise, you risk suffering and dying or leaving a lot of debt to your family and to others.
Why should access to essential health care be impacted by how much you earn?
Couldn’t we better produce a health care system – especially for rural areas – if we started with the premise that access to essential health care shouldn’t be a factor of how much you earn?
I could invest in the infrastructure that delivers high-speed broadband network to all areas of our country. This can enable mobile / remove medical centers.
i could create a model where those that want to have a government healthcare job could choose to go to school for free and then work for a period of time where they are assigned.
I could create innovation labs where researchers on new and improved treatments could work together to produce ideas that would be delivered to all.
I could remove the cost of providing profits as part of health care costs.
If I wanted to fix the health care problem, I could do a lot of things.
But if I believe that you have to earn health care and that only profits drive acceptable services, then I am ok if those with less have nothing.
Because they aren’t worthy
Because it they were, they would have money.
It depends on what your human values are
My values state – if you are human you have already earned the right to essential health care.

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