Listening to the sales pitch, it seems that we should all stop worrying about direct cuts to Medicaid members because the jobs are coming in part 2 and those jobs will be good paying, include health benefits and reduce the need for Medicaid

So bring on the jobs.

If the jobs arrive, you can lower the spend while leaving the safety net in place.  Just in case.

Only jobs that either include benefits OR pay a living wage will reduce the need for Medicaid.  So bring them on 1st.

Because I am seeing some layoffs of good-paying jobs in the near future.

Laws / regulations are planned to eliminate a large part of the EPA, Department of Energy, Department of Education, and most of the Department of Labor. The State Department is full of vacancies that are going unfilled.   All will cost us good-paying jobs with benefits.

And most small business jobs do not include health care and often do not pay enough to let workers afford to pay for it themselves.

And when you replace public schools with charter schools, pay and benefits for teachers are reduced.

And when you refuse to require the infrastructure investments like pipelines to buy American-made materials, you give tax dollars to foreign countries and their workers.  And you cost US jobs.

So dear Republicans – show us your plan to immediately produce good paying jobs.

Because granting corporations tax breaks and removing regulations does not have a record of producing more good paying jobs that are given to the Americans currently out of work.

and no Part 2 promises.  The cost of all those lies is that we have no reason to trust you.

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