MSNBC’s Morning Joe on 3/14/17 included an interview with Rep Adam Kinzinger {R-IL explains the GOP position on health care – from his perspective…..
It is ok to force you to buy car insurance because you choose to buy a car and you are a risk to others
but it is wrong to force you to buy health insurance merely because you exist
Missing the point…..
I can drive safely and avoid causing an accident. But I still need insurance in case someone else hits me.  The government is fine with forcing me to buy insurance to be able to get my car registered to drive.  They removed the option of me driving at risk.
But I can’t live in a way that won’t need health care. I can’t even be born without needing health care.
But I can be born unable to afford it.
And that means either people only deserve health care if they are lucky enough to be born into people who have money, or health care should be available to all. 
It appears that Republicans like Adam Kinzinger believe the former.  And they built the new version of health care regulations on that belief.
Got it.  But they don’t seem to want to be accountable for the consequences of their beliefs on others.
And none of this explains why it is ok to have those that make money the old fashion way – through wages – paying towards Medicare but it is wrong to have those that make money from other people’s money paying for he Medicare benefits they will receive when they are old enough.  Because the very wealthy only started paying for Medicare with the ACA.  But if it is ok for average workers to be forced to pay, why isn’t it ok for the wealthy to have to pay in as well?  [This is a key part of the replace plans from Republicans – people making money off other people’s money return to being ‘takers’ when it comes to Medicare – weakening Medicare for us all]

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