You get a chance to ask your representative  questions – what would you ask?

Here are my top two –

#1      People fund Medicare by paying a % of their wages while working.  Income that is not subject to payroll tax – investments, dividend and trust fund income, was not subject to paying into Medicare until the ACA.  The repeal removes this new tax, hurts Medicare funding and restores the inequality of having the top 1% get Medicare without having to pay in throughout their working career.

Why should the top 1% be exempt from paying into Medicare – why is this fair?

Why should there be a cap on Medicare premiums as a % of income?

How much will you PERSONALLY benefit from the removal of this Medicare tax when the ACA is repealed?

If you are concerned about reducing the deficit, why wouldn’t you support retention of this tax?

#2   Running for office is applying for a job.  We, the people, are supposed to be ‘your bosses’ – the ones you work for and represent.  Would you be willing to adopt the type of screening and reviews we use for those who apply for Medicaid, welfare or even normal corporate jobs as a requisite for running for office?  If you agree , what actions will you take to put this into law?

If not, why not?  Do you think the requirements for reporting this level of detail for seeking Medicaid or being required to take a drug test for a new job or for receiving welfare are unfair and should be removed?


What are yours?


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