One of the most frequent images of the Town Halls focus on people yelling.

This is coupled with comments how the crowds are just ‘sore losers’ or ‘are paid’.

But how do you find a way to be heard in the face of injustice?

When has being quiet and polite ever triggered change for the good?

The proposed health care law changes will kill people.  That is not hyperbole.  It will literally kill people who would have otherwise lived.  Taking away a funding source for health care does that.

The proposed budget will take food away from people who have no other way to get that food.  People will go hungry because of the budget.

Lives will be less full – less human.  Robbing people of the arts impacts the psyche of people – arts are part of being human.  And arts have proven to be key in producing innovation.  Yet the budget takes this away.  While being silent on a comparable cost to allow the president to continue to funnel taxpayer funds to his for-profit properties so he can continue the lifestyle he had before he took office – which appears to include weekend golfing outings.

And now there is talk of taking military action and beefing up military spending without any talk of wasteful spending in the military…..  what happened to Pro-life?

There is a seemingly normal looking nominee for the Supreme Court that was picked to be aligned with a litmus test of pro-corporation and anti-reproductive rights and other freedoms.

Regulations have already been removed to permit more polluting without consequence.  Fossil fuels are being promoted instead of sustainable energy.  Water sources are threatened while funds to protect them are withdrawn.  Corporations who cause oil spills or water pollution don’t have to pay for damages anymore.

How do you politely speak out against injustice?

Will anyone listen?

Grown-up conversations sometimes get loud when there is no listening.

Many have encountered their elected officials and been shown disrespect, as if they didn’t matter if they aren’t fully behind the elected official.  Really?  That is ok?

How do you say “Enough is Enough” loud enough for everyone to take note and listen – when no one is listening?  You sometimes have to yell.

Or stand in the streets with signs and chants.

You do something to get noticed.

Because it is too important.  Because we don’t want to wait until people die.  Or we head to another war and a lot of people die.


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