It is time for a few good ethical Republican senators to stop this.

The Senate is all we have to stop this train wreck.

So I am asking three ethical Republican Senators to change their party affiliation from Republican to Independent and throw control of the Senate into question.

Create a space for new Senate leader – one who will not lie and perhaps one that will actually act from ethics.


This is not a Republican Administration that should be followed.  There are still no ethic investigations about the conflict of interests with business dealings. There is still the issue of Alt-Right influence in the White House.  There is the family that is running the country – not an elected President.  There are the millions we are paying into this President’s personal businesses to keep his family in the lifestyle they prefer.  There are the tweets and the insults to our allies.  There are the claims of war.  There is the attack on science.

The threat of a ‘nuclear option’ – which means changing the rules to get your way is not ethical.  Refusing hearings for President’s nomination until a Republican is in the white house is not ethical.  Holding  up all Federal court nominations in secret until the courts could no longer function is not ethical.

Blaming Democrats for not going along with your antics is lying.  Acting like you never declared you would refuse to hold hearings for a Hillary nomination while claiming to be on the righteous side of history around the current Supreme Court nominee is lying.

And risking having a Supreme Court Judge appointed by a president that might just be proven to be in collusion with Putin is not governing.  If you can take away a nomination from a legitimate president, you can delay it for one that might be removed from office within the year.  At least until he is proven innocent.  We have waited his long, what is a few more months?

Remember – Mitch McConnell’s wife was rewarded with a cabinet position. And how he has joined the liars.

The control of the Senate can change if a few good Senators act.  Do this now.

We aren’t asking you to become Democrats.  We ask that you change to Independents – but agree to caucus with the Democrats.  You can influence who will be the next Senate Leader – really you can.  You will have power.  You can stop this.


As you listen to the travesty of Republicans railing against the filibuster to stop an appointment being made by president under investigation for treason as if they had not done the same thing he year before – but did it earlier….  act.

Step forward and become the heroes our country needs.  We cannot wait until 2019 for this to change.

We will support you for your bravery.  Really we will.

Please – we just need three.

Or you all own this and what happens next.  Because you personally could have done the right thing, the ethical thing and leave the party that has left you.  The party that turns a blind eye on corruption to remain in control.

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