Our president loves winning – so he says.

I think he just loves watching others lose.  Or at least he needs a loser to know he has won.  This is because it is all about him and not really about anyone else.  Ever.

Government is a Win-Win endeavor

Diplomacy is a Win-Win endeavor.

That really means that everyone wins at some level.  They don’t get their way – totally.  And they don’t prevent someone else from getting their way – at least not completely.

It isn’t about making the other person go along with you.

It is about finding a path that works for both of you.

We are not a divided nation – we are a diverse nation.

But we have a media that loves drama so they keep looking for winners and losers.

One example – debates.

Debates are intended to allow ‘We, the People’ to learn more about the people running for office.  It is a job interview.  At least it should be.  Which means the questions and answers should help us understand more about the candidates seeking our votes.

But the media reports ‘who won?’ and it turns into a contest.

Suddenly it is as much about making the other person ‘lose’ instead of ‘winning’ the hearts, minds and votes of the constituents you will represent.

Diversity – how we are different even though we are all one human race.  Something to be celebrated.  We all are better together, collaborating for common purposes.

Are there ever situations where there has to be a loser?

Yes.  When one person’s win is at the expense of others.

An example.  Bullies.  Bullies win by putting others down.  The ‘win’ is to make themselves look strong and powerful by dominating and humiliating others.

And Bullies cannot be allowed to win.  For their win must have losers.

Statements like ‘You lost, get over it’ are more win-lose thinking.  The actual win-win situation is more like ‘Our candidate won the election – let’s move forward to govern so that we all win. Please help us find a path forward that benefits us all.’

What we need right now is more Win-Win and less Win-Lose.

We need our government to go back to win-win.

Let’s start by challenging the bullies.

And then start listening to find a path to win-win.



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