Is it possible for a con man to hold a leadership role?

Who can he lead?

Cons hurt people – they rely on the ability to talk people into actions that they wouldn’t do on their own for the benefit on the person running the con.

The con man doesn’t care about anything other than winning.

Remember the musical The Music Man?  You come into town, dupe the folks, take the money and leave.   Isn’t that the plot of the con?  It always involves leaving because at some point the people figure out they have been conned.

So can a con man use a con to get into a leadership role and stay?

In the movies, this takes a sudden change in heart.

But we don’t have a president that can change.  He has shown that.

Think of The Resistance as a reflection of the people who were conned joining with the people that recognized the con and reject it outright.

They aren’t going away.

And as the con persists and the pain is inflicted, the crowds will grow.




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