There was a call for cooperation and collaboration.  There was a call to find a way to work together.  There was a call to tone down the rhetoric.

So the Democrats reached out and asked the Republicans to work together out in the open to determine how best to resolve the challenges with the health care situation in the US without putting millions of lies at risk.

But the Republicans remained silent and continued their plan to use procedural loopholes to take a health care bill they are writing is secret and slam it through the Senate without any review by Democrats or by the people it will impact and who they are supposed to be governing on behalf of.  [the first bill will be nearly empty – the details are passed in an amendment that no one sees will right before the vote and poof it is finished]

This has forced the Democrats to use procedural loopholes to try to slow down the process so this could not be done before the July 4th recess – hoping that constituents could plead to their representatives [if Republican] to end the games and discuss health care out in the open where hearings are held where real people can share their perspectives and be heard.

And there was going to be a toning down of the language – but attack ads in Georgia used the shootings to falsely claim that the Democrats were cheering when Republicans got shot  false of course but….

And Ted Nugent took the mike to act like he was changing his ways without one word of apology to those who were long the victims of his hate speech.  Aren’t real apologies supposed to acknowledge the harm you have caused to others and indicate you are sorry for that harm?

This is sad.

And it seems that it is being supported by We, the People.

And it has to stop or we all lose.

Because the powerful and our enemies – who are doing business with the powerful – are all making their deals and bargaining away our rights and freedoms while we are distracted with contempt for one another.

It didn’t take a week.


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