We watched a video of a man get shot because he had a gun in his car and told the police he had it.  There was no threat.  The police claimed to be concerned about a burned out traffic light – but the officer [per the video in the cop car] thought they ‘looked like’ a robbery suspect.  The man died – a jury acquitted the cop.  The NRA seems to be fine if you are killed for carrying a weapon if you are black.   HOW is that possible?

We watch the some old white male senators hid in a room and prepare to ram through a new health care law in secret.  Does it matter what the law is?  Democrats are trying to stop this.  Republicans leadership and the vice president are behind it.  The media talks about the drama but not about the fundamental wrongness of this practice and what is means for law making.  Most citizens are against the proposed changes but that is not impacted the officials that represent them.  Why should it – another Republican just won a congressional race.   HOW is this possible?

There are moves underway to privatize our National Parks.  Once done, they won’t come back.  There are moves to take any form of government service to private ventures.  There is an assumption that government can’t run effectively [despite facts] and that private is better [despite facts].  There is no obvious resistance to this.  HOW is this possible?

There are moves underway to make protesting a crime.  There are situation where protesters are met with military level force even when they are not presenting any danger.  And yet many are ok because a protest once slowed down their commute.  HOW is this possible?

Even when a mass shooter targets a white Republican congressman who spook at an Alt-Right rally, there is no interest in addressing controlling assault weapons.  The answer was to better protect those that ‘they’ care about.  HOW is this possible?

Our voting mechanisms are under attack and the person who headed Cross Check – known to purge voters for having the same first and last name even when middle names and birth dates do not match is now heading the federal effort to ‘investigate’.  We know Ohio turned off the security controls on voting machines. We know hacking included voter rolls and voting machine companies.  We know most companies that supply voting machines are also politically active.  Gerrymandering laws are in question.  Yet no one is accepting the fact that perhaps our elections are not fair.  HOW is this possible?

The water just got hotter.

It is time for everyone to prepare to accept that things are as bad as they could be and it could just be that ONE party not ‘both of them – they are both the same’ is at work.  And that replacing Trump and putting in Pence may seal the deal because the only thing that has any investigation going is the actions of the president….  Remove him before you find out Pence’s role…..  Pence pardons everyone …. coup complete.

What if it is what is looks like it could be – a corrupt takeover of a democracy by the wealthy and powerful inside the country as well as outside in an act of greed?

And the next move – taking away health care and social security – will make more people suffer and die.

What will you do?

Just watch?

Dismiss it?

Wait till it hurts you and claim ‘unfair’?

Remember – most people chose not to vote in 2016.

They were sitting in their lukewarm water just fine………



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